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Let’s go back to the issue of spread, volatility and prize cycles in Netent video slot machines. In which slot machines can you win more money at the same rate? What determines the spread and frequency of prizes and why in some slot machines you can win a higher amount than in others? Perhaps you will say that it is all about the RTP (return to player percentage): the higher the RTP, the more you can win from a distance. You will be only partly right.

Many players rely solely on payout percentages (RTP) when choosing a slot machine. In my opinion, the internal configuration of the cyclical nature of the prizes or the “streak” (from the word streak – current) of the slot machine you choose and the variance (the amount of spread of the prize depending on the total bet) is much more important. 

List of streak slot machines and their characteristics

It is important to understand that the longer the cycle, the more money the lucky one will get. But the chances of each player entering the path of luck are much lower. In other words, the longer the cycle and the higher the variance, the more often you will lose your entire deposit, but in case of luck, you will receive a much higher amount.

So, for example, the probability of winning a small amount (which exceeds the size of the total bet) in the StarBurst slot machine is much higher than in Wish Master or Jack and the BeanStalk. Note that this is not so much a partial return of the money invested during the session (ROI), but rather a withdrawal from the player’s account in plus. 

Brief characteristics

The Devils Delight slot with a 97.6% return allows you to win a lot, but only in the super game, if you can collect souls in bonus rounds. And if you “finish” until the end of the cycle and the return of the bets made doesn’t succeed (not enough money), this slot machine will be very negative for you.

The Creature from thee Black Lagoon slot machine is similar in technical terms to the Jack and BeanStalk slot machine. Both slot machines allow you to win several thousand total bets with the full pass of the bonus round.

The Dead or Alive slot machine allows you to win a lot of money if you get the maximum amount of Wild symbols (on each reel) during the free spins round.

Mega Joker returns a record 99% of the bets placed and can give away a large prize during the game in the top prize field.

Wish Master has an extremely long payback betting cycle and does not give anything or pour out like the horn of plenty. To get the maximum potential, you must catch three scrolls, one of which is the Expanding Wild symbol.

On other Netent slot machines, we have not identified any pronounced features.

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