Bet Sport: how to play?

The FDJ offers you two ways to place your sports bets:

  • with paper grids, to be validated by your tobacconist.
  • directly online, thanks to Parions Sport en ligne (ex Parionsweb)

How to play Sport Betting online

Create a game account

In order to play on Paries Sport en Ligne (formerly called “Paries web”), you must first create an account:

  • Click on the button above to access the site
  • Fill in the requested information: surname, first name, address
  • Make a first deposit
  • Place your bets without using a paper grid!
  • A € bonus is offered to you at registration.

You are then free to place your bets at any time from your computer or mobile phone. Your winnings are cashed directly into your bank account. No need to go to your tobacconist’s to validate your bets or touch your money.

The advantage of the online version: a much wider choice of bets, and exclusive promotions.

You can bet on more than 12 different sports, but above all:

  • Live betting
  • Placing bets with handicaps (exact match score, first goalscorer, etc)
  • Play on mobile and tablet.

Here’s how to play on Bet Sport online:

  • Log in to your account or create one
  • Click on a sport
  • Check out the ratings for upcoming meetings
  • Click on the bet you are interested in: it will be placed in your basket at the top right of the screen.
  • Define the stake
  • Validate your bet.

How to play Pariament Sport with a grid 

  • Choose one of the FDJ® grids: Lotto Football, Match of the Day or 1N2
  • Fill it in according to your predictions
  • Ask for your grid to be registered with a retailer offering this service.
  • Keep the receipt of the betting.

Sport Betting Grid

These grids are available:

  • in electronic version, on the FDJ® website.
  • in self-service restaurants, tobacconists or bars that offer betting.
  • If you choose an electronic grid, the site will generate an e-bulletin for you:
  • Tick the options of your choice
  • Click on ” Save my grid “.

Go to your basket: a code has been automatically generated

Present this code to your tobacconist on your mobile phone or print it out.

You can locate the nearest points of sale thanks to the dedicated application.

The strong point of the FDJ® sports betting game is undoubtedly its choice of grids: depending on your profile, you can select the game mode that suits you best.

How to choose your grid to play:

  • Traditional: opt for Lotto 7 and Lotto 15 if you appreciate simplicity. You just have to tick 1, N or 2 for each line (respectively home win, draw and away win).
  • Specific: If you are interested in a particular match, choose Match of the Day. This gives you access to a wide range of bets (half-time score, number of goals bet or odd…) on a specific match.
  • Ambitious: the 1 N 2 bulletin is reminiscent of the traditional mode, but here a system of odds comes into play. Taking risks by betting on small teams can therefore pay off, it’s a style rather reserved for connoisseurs.

How to win on Bet Sport: our advice

Pay less to earn more

There is no single price for taking part in Parions Sport: the price you pay depends on the choices you have made. In Lotto 7 and Lotto 15 it is possible to select several boxes per line.

Example: for the Reims-PSG match, the Parisian players are logically the favourites. But you believe that the Reims have a well-organised team, and can put them in trouble. So you decide to tick both N and 2, which ensures you a good prognosis in case of a draw or a victory for Paris.

For a match where you have absolutely no idea of the outcome, you can even cross out the 3 boxes, so you are sure not to make a mistake!

Of course, increasing your chances of victory in this way comes at a cost: here are the prices of a Loto Foot grid according to the number of doubles or triples chosen.

Keep in mind that doubles or triples should be selected sparingly: for example, by using 2 doubles and 1 triple for your predictions on particularly undecided matches, you spend 12€ but increase your chances of winning considerably.

For 1 N 2 or Match of the Day, the principle is different: on each bulletin, you will find green areas labelled “bet”. Inside these, there are 8 boxes representing amounts ranging from €1 to €100. If you win, this amount will be multiplied by the odds of the winning bet and you will get your win.

Let’s take an example: you choose a match from the list of matches available for your 1 N 2 ballot, and bet £10 on a draw at 3.80 (by selecting box N in the “prediction” field and box £10 in the “bet” field). If you fail, you lose your €10, but if you make a good prediction, you win 10 x 3.8 or €38.

Lot 7 and Lot 15

These grids, for example, are composed of matches (7 or 15). In order to win the jackpot, you have to find the correct result, i.e. home win, draw or away win.

Players who find 6 or 7 good results for the first grid, and between 12 and 15 for the second, will pocket a share of the jackpot. We are on the same principle as the Lotto grids (in terms of redistributed winnings). The biggest pools will be the ones with the most surprises.

Our advice: Play in the French Cup between the 8th round and the 16th finals.

Match of the day and 1N2

These formulas propose to bet on matches with odds. A victory by a favourite at home is therefore rated lower than a victory by a low-ranked player away from home.

The Match of the Day offers a large number of scenarios, such as the MT/FM score, which means mid-tempo/end of the match, or the exact score.

Our advice: look at the clubs’ state of form and try to turn things around (the away team leads at half-time, but loses at the end of the match).

In 1N2, you can choose between 1 and 6 bets. Beyond 1, the chosen odds will multiply between them. Therefore, if you are right, you will win your bet x the product of the odds.

Our advice: play small sums on 3 or 4 games at the same time:

  • 1 surprise,
  • 1 draw (the odds are often good)
  • 1 or 2 matches whose result is almost written in advance.

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